Rock band composition

In terms of orchestration and composition, the standard configuration of rock music is composed of lead singer + Guitar + bass + drum. In recent years, the keyboard has gradually joined in. Rock music is mainly composed of four or four beats, and the songs are mainly carried out according to the process of main song and chorus, but the types have become extremely diversified. Like pop music, lyrics usually emphasize romantic love, but also involve other topics that are often related to society.

About the world's first rock song, Xiao Bian sorted out several competitive Songs: Jackie brenston's song "rocket 88" - 1951 rocket 88 Jackie brenston; the delta cats; his delta cats - the birth of R & B, Vol. 2


Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup's song "That’s All Right, Mama"-That's All Right, 1946 Arthur'Big Boy' Crudup-Rock All Over.

Wynonie Harris's song "Good Rockin' Tonight"-1948 Good Rockin' Tonight Wynonie Harris All Stars-The Roots of Rock'N' Roll: 26 Original Recordings That Inspired Elvis.


Bill Haley's song "Rock Around The Clock"-1954.

Rock Around The Clock Bill Haley with Orchestra-Song Compilation.